East Face Picu Urriellu (Naranjo de Bulnes)




  • Physical Difficulty: 
  • Technical Difficulty: 
  • Duration:  2 days


The "Nani-Marisi" route whas opened in the summer of 1974 by Alfredo Diaz and Hernán Llanos, two classic climbers of that time. The last one was known as "Nani" who unfortunately died by the lightning strike in the summit of Peña Santa. His friends renamed the route opened in the Naranjo and called it ´Nani-Marisi¨ in honor of Hernán Llanos. 

It has become one of the classic routes in Picu Urriellu and in all Picos de Europa. It´s a great alpine route.

It´s an itinerary of slabs and dihedrals, with poor equipment and difficult protection, but with the great quality roc typical of Picu Urriellu. It´s a route where its very important to have a good climbing technique , as well as the physical condition.It´s perfect for those climbers and mountaineers who wants to do longer and alpine routes. The frist two easy pitches will make us win meters and verticality as long as we climb, then we will start to find good wholes that makes the climb easier and beautiful aswell. The last pitch will take us to the final and sharped ridge where we will make a small rappel to the amphitheater of the south face, where we will continue walking and doing small IIIº grade climb to the summit of Picu Urriellu




Start in Pandebano col to begin the approach to the Urriellu hut. Normally this Will be our meeting point.

It´s a very easy and well marked Trail path that has around 7km and 900 meters up that Will take us over 3 hours. See description of the route


Over 7:30 in the morning we Will star the aproach to the route, it Will take us over 1h walking

Starting the climb, it Will take us over 4-5 hours to the Summit.

After eating, drinking and enjoying the fantastic views that offers the "Picu urriellu" we Will start the descent that will take us over 1h30min. With 3 rappels.

Once we finish the descent, whe will start the way back to the Urriellu hut, and after a Little rest, we will continue down to the car in Pandebano col.


It´s necesary to be used to do some mountaneering activities, around 4-5 hours long and over 700 meters up.

It´s required a level of Vº in sport climbing

The hardest level lof the route is V+ grade.

350 meters of climb.



450€ (200€/pers.)

*21% taxes included.

Fernando Zamora High Mountain Guide member of AEGMNº 546 de la AEGM.

Included civil liability and accident insurance

The guide's accommodation costs are not included in the price (35€ accommodation, dinner and breakfast)

Personal accommodation costs are not included in the price (40€/ person accommodation, dinner and breakfast)