Climbing Naranjo de Bulnes (Picu Urriellu)

Climb to the most emblematic summit of Picos de Europa with a Mountain Guide

One of the most beautiful ascents in the Picos de Europa is climbing Naranjo de Bulnes. The Picu Urriellu, as the local people always called it, where we had many historic climbs. First, be able to reach the inaccessible Summit and then, climb his majestic west face.

One of the best ways to climb the Naranjo de Bulnes is with a Mountain Guide. The function of the guide is to manage the risk of the activity, but also, to help and support during the climb to the summit of the Picu and enjoy the fantastic views.

Climb the Naranjo with a Mountain Guide

We will make the climb of Picu Urriellu in two days:

The first day we will go from Pandebano col to the Urriellu hut, where we will spend the night and talk about the climb.

The second day, we will do the approach to the climbing route we chose and then star the climb. We will rappel down by the south face to descent the Nranjo de Bulnes. Once we get down, we will start the way back to the Pandebano col (+view route).