Westa face Picu Urriellu (Naranjo de Bulnes)




  • Physical Difficulty: 
  • Technical Difficulty: 
  • Duration:  2-3 days


The Rabadá Navarro it´s probably the most famous climbing route in our country. All the climbers dream to climb this route once in their lives.

Alberto Rabadá and Ernesto Navarro where one of the most important climbers in the history of Spain. They opened the first route of this famous big wall in the west face, so far considered impossible until the 21 of August of 1962. Twelve years later, the second route in this face was opened, called "La Directisima" who needed a lot of human, technique and  economic resources.

In three alpine pitches we will reach the top of the big chimney called "Lastra Soldada". From here, we arrived to the "scar", a beautiful diagonal crack that is easier than the previous pitches and with an exceptional rock. The "scar" will leave us in the big terrace called "Tiros de la Torca" were we will start the famous big traverse with half of the west face under our feet. The big dihedral does not exceed the Vº  in any of his pitches but we will start to be tired. In the next terrace called "Rocasolano" we will take a break before the last 3 pitches, knowing the summit is near. Finally, after 15 pitches and 750 meters of climb we will arrive to the summit of Picu Urriellu or Naranjo de Bulnes, tired but motivated after climbing the same route as the first ascensionist more than half a century ago.




Start in Pandebano col to begin the approach to the Urriellu hut. Normally this Will be our meeting point.

It´s a very easy and well marked Trail path that has around 7km and 900 meters up that Will take us over 3 hours. See description of the route


Over 7:30 in the morning we will start the approach to the route, it will take us over 20 min. walking

Starting the climb, it will take us over 7-10 hours to the Summit.

After eating, drinking and enjoying the fantastic views that offers the "Picu urriellu" we Will start the descent that will take us over 1h30min. With 3 rappels.

Once we finish the descent, whe will start the way back to the Urriellu hut, and after a Little rest, we will continue down to the car in Pandebano col.


It´s necessary to have a good physical condition and a high level climbing in big walls because we will face important factors as cold and verticality.

It´s necessary to be used to do 7 to 8 hours of mountaineering doing 1500 meters +

Be able to do 6b+ in sport climbing

The hardest level of the route is 6c (6a /A1)

750 meters of climb.



1300€ (650€/pers.)

*21% taxes included.

Fernando Zamora High Mountain Guide member of AEGMNº 546 de la AEGM.

Included civil liability and accident insurance

The guide's accommodation costs are not included in the price (35€ accommodation, dinner and breakfast)

Personal accommodation costs are not included in the price (40€/ person accommodation, dinner and breakfast)