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The Canalona Needle is one of the most aesthetic peaks of the Picos. Together with the Bustamante Needle, they stand out from any other peak on the ascent to Peña Vieja. Its sharp profile holds the highest 8th grade of northern Spain in the Anestesia Cerebral route. However, we can reach the summit by its normal route without exceeding the 4th grade. A classic route, ideal for beginners in mountain climbing. Highly recommended.

  • The route starts in a kind of reddish couloir with loose rock. In my opinion, it is more advisable to climb the left-hand variant, where the rock is more compact. It can also be accessed directly walking along a ledge from the Canalona pass.
  • The pitches up to the North Fork (Horquilla Norte) consist of an obvious chimney-couloir.
  • Finally, in the last part there are two variants, in my opinion the one on the left side is more beautiful in terms of atmosphere, although the one on the right offers more beautiful climbing moves.
  • Beware of the rock in some sections.



About 100 m




2-3 hours climbing and abseiling


A set of friends. It's possible to climb and rappel down with one 60 m rope.


Rappel from the summit to the fork, two more rappels down the couloir, and then exit via the ledge to the pass of the Canalona, or do one more rappel down to the lower scree. It is advisable to abseil using a single runner from the summit so that the rope doesn't get stuck (frequent), take a cordelette to join them together.


Alfonso Alonso, Alfonso and J.Tomás Martínez and J.Antonio Odriozonael 8/8/1948

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